How to start an online bidding business

February 28, 2019



Not many people can afford a Watch, Phone, PC, Shoes or any other product of worth $5000, only a few can. Just imagine if you could buy it for a fraction of retail price and that’s what bidding business do.


To start an online bidding business you got to make sure you are aware of the below: 


Research your Niche 

This is common for any online business, As since you have decided to start an online bidding business, I suppose you have had your own research on this Niche. It is absolutely necessary to gain knowledge and experience on the Auction niche before getting started. 

Surf an Auction Website 

To gather knowledge and experience you had to work in Real Time. Yes, go to an online auction script website and Start bidding on products and learn what they do and what they not.

Exploring varieties of Auction website may provide you with complete ins and outs of an online bidding business. There are many auction sites available in the market like Tophatter, Bidorbuy, Dealdash etc.


Do Your Homework

At once you had your research on live auction websites you may now start doing your homework to start an online bidding business.


This is where you have to actually start writing on the things you want and don’t want for your website. 

Make a list of features you wish for your business and list the various options which you felt like absent in other auction websites while surfing.

This is the part where you yourselves will get a clear understanding of what kind of business model you want for your online bidding business.

Be Prepared to Spend a Lot

When I say spend a lot, I imply both Time and Money. It is said that, if you have an idea, you had it researched enough, have done tons of homework on the business model, then it's time to lose some Money and Time. 

Yes..! If all the above are in Ready state then it's time for you to borrow Money to get things started. Also, you have to keep it in mind that how much you spend on a startup - you have to be prepared to risk it all. 


Be prepared to lose Money. This is because as you are investing for a startup the chances of you getting succeeded are just only 50-50. So, be prepared to lose, if something goes wrong.  

Work on a Catchy Domain Name

Domain Name is critical to be online. Always opt for a unique and catchy name for your business. If you have to be famous, your domain name ought to be easy to remind. 

Whenever people feel like availing a product to Auction they just immediately have to use your business name as a Metaphor. For instance, Google. Nowadays, no one uses the term “Search” instead they use “Google” right! So, you could always be a Google for online bidding business.

Finally the Development

This is where you actually decide on the platform your online bidding business must be developed. This is important to your website’s flexibility to use and scalability to enlarge.

There are so many eCommerce platforms available for your options in the market. They could be open source or licensed, Saas-based. 

Among the available options, picking the right solution depends on how much of the control you required for your buy sell ads marketplace.


You could either go for Open source platforms like Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop etc. or you could also go for Saas Based platforms such as Shopify, Goodsie etc.


 In my opinion, if you need instant solutions for your website you may go for Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce or Wordpress as they do have plugins for your requirements.

If your idea was unique and you want it to be built from scratch, then I suppose you to reach a web development company which will provide every feature and service you require.  

To Conclude

So, above are the basic and important things utmost to look upon for starting an online bidding business. Remember to start from your niche as there are many types of Auction website in the market. Selecting the niche will decide on what type of Auction website you want to build. Then explore the auction sites, do your homework and finally start building by spending a lot on your online bidding business. 

Now, you may want to read on how to build an auction website





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